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Tai Chi is an exercise activity, that when practiced daily, has many health and wellbeing benefits. ​Although Tai Chi has its origins as a martial art, it is now most popular purely for the health, fitness and wellbeing benefits. It began as a cultural activity in China and spread throughout the world. It consists of dynamic, fluid, relaxed, graceful movements and postures.I has taken me approaching 40 years of Tai Chi and Ch'i Qigong experience to fully master the art of Tai Chi. I am mainly focused on classes for health, fitness and wellbeing, but also competent in martial art application. I have trained with various teachers, around 20 in all. Having varied teachers is a big plus, as it means I have a wide and diverse appreciation of Tai Chi, that would not be possible with the traditional approach of one sole teacher. I have taught around 10 classes per week since 2006. I teach 88 Yang Form, 24 Yang Form, 8 Yang Form, 42 Mixed Style Form, 48 Mixed Style Form, Push Hands, PairForm, Sword Form, Staff Form. I am a Senior Instructor for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain since 2005. Also competent in cross-training, general fitness, running, aerobic, resistance, flexibility. All of my classes are taught by me personally. Always happy to validate the above by demonstration.

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