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Important Points of Tai Chi

Inner Relaxation

When practicing Tai Chi, the mind and body should be relaxed.

  • Body

This is achieved by consciously relaxing any unnecessary tension in the muscles. Just enough muscular tension to hold the posture and no more. Relaxed but not collapsed.

  • Mind

Pay attention to the movements that you are doing. Your mind will wander and you will find yourself doing the movements, but thinking about something else. When you notice that your mind has become distracted, simply return it to focusing on the movements and continue. This process will relax the mind.

Full and Empty

In Tai Chi the body weight is continually moved back and forth from one leg to the other. The leg that carries the body weight is referred to as the "full" leg and the leg that is not carrying any body weight is referred to as the "empty'" leg. Stand on the "full" leg and move the "empty" leg

Movements should be smooth, continuous and fluid...

Move as if under water. Imagining that you have the resistance of the water will enable you to do the movements slowly and smoothly...

Move at One Level

Do the movements with the knees bent a little "sink" and maintain this posture from beginning to end of the Form...



Take care with your balance. Practice in a spacious environment without trip or fall hazards. Develop your balance gradually and incrementally over time. It helps to have micro-pauses in your movements at critical points to "feel" your balance before continuing. You can keep your empty foot close to or in touch with the ground until confident with your balance...

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