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Tai Chi is an exercise activity, that when practiced daily, has many health and wellbeing benefits. I have been practicing Tai Chi for 34 years and teaching almost 20 years. ​Although Tai Chi has its origins as a martial art, it is now most popular purely for the health, fitness and wellbeing benefits. It is rooted in Chinese culture but spread throughout the world. It consists of dynamic, fluid, relaxed, graceful movements and postures. You can join in with my classes.


I have coming up 35 years of Tai Chi and Qigong experience. I am mainly focused on classes for health, fitness and wellbeing, but also competent in martial art application. I have trained with various teachers; around 20 in all, in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, MMA, Street Self Defence. Special respect goes to my teachers, Masters Ken Homan, Wen Linjun, Huang Ping. Having many and varied teachers has been a big plus, as it means I have a wide and diverse appreciation of Tai Chi. I have taught around 10 classes per week since 2006. I teach 88 Yang Form, 24 Yang Form, 8 Yang Form, 42 Mixed Style Form, 48 Mixed Style Form, Push Hands, Pair Form, Sword Form, Staff Form. Also competent in cross-training, general fitness, running, aerobic, resistance, flexibility. All of my classes are taught by me personally. I validate my competence by demonstration.

Tai Chi benefits
  • inner calm

  • good wellbeing and confidence

  • improved coordination of movements

  • better balance

  • stronger muscles and bones

  • good posture

  • better joint function and flexibility

  • improved cardiovascular health

  • pathway into cross-training other activities

Tai Chi FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is suitable for Tai Chi? Tai Chi is great for young and old and all will share the same class. Do you practice Ch'i Gong? We do Tai Chi Movement, Ch'i Gong fitness exercises and Ch'i Gong meditation for inner relaxation exercises. What should I wear?​ No special kit for Tai Chi, just loose fitting clothing and flat sole shoes; e.g. plimsolls, t shirt and track bottoms. Do we work on flexibility? Yes, but no muscular force and stretching to 70% of maximum stretch is advised. Will Tai Chi improve my balance? Tai Chi is good for improving balance and you can practice Chair Tai Chi if standing is not possible. Can I do Tai Chi if I have a medical condition or disability? Always follow your doctor's advice on exercise. If you feel it will be helpful to you, inform your Tai Chi teacher of any medical or disability conditions. We have a class specially for people recovering from a stroke, please email me at: Do you teach Martial Art aspect of Tai Chi? Yes, but requires a class arranged specifically for this purpose, on request. Martial Art classes consist of vigorous, strenuous, contact, combat routines.  How is your Tai Chi school set up? I am the owner (Glenn) registered as, West Norfolk Tai Chi, Self Employed, with HMRC. Based in Norfolk UK. Registered with TCUGB and insured. Clear Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). I am always happy to show certification to clients.

How to join in with Glenn's Tai Chi

Tai Chi Group Classes at Heacham 

I cater for new beginners to very advanced and all in between. If you are interested in joining in with Tai Chi at our community hall at Heacham, please email Glenn for further information at:

Tai Chi Class

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