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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
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Important Points of Tai Chi

Inner Relaxation

When practicing Tai Chi, the mind and body should be relaxed.

  • Body

This is achieved by consciously relaxing any unnecessary tension in the muscles. Just enough muscular tension to hold the posture and no more. Relaxed but not collapsed.

  • Mind

Pay attention to the movements that you are doing. Your mind will wander and you will find yourself doing the movements, but thinking about something else. When you notice that your mind has become distracted, simply return it to focusing on the movements and continue. This process will relax the mind.

Full and Empty

In Tai Chi the body weight is continually moved back and forth from one leg to the other. The leg that carries the body weight is referred to as the "full" leg and the leg that is not carrying any body weight is referred to as the "empty'" leg. Stand on the "full" leg and move the "empty" leg

Movements should be smooth, continuous and fluid...

Move as if under water. Imagining that you have the resistance of the water will enable you to do the movements slowly and smoothly...

Move at One Level

Do the movements with the knees bent a little "sink" and maintain this posture from beginning to end of the Form...



Take care with your balance. Practice in a spacious environment without trip or fall hazards. Develop your balance gradually and incrementally over time. It helps to have micro-pauses in your movements at critical points to "feel" your balance before continuing. You can keep your empty foot close to or in touch with the ground until confident with your balance...

Front View

Begin Tai Chi

Back View


There is overwhelming evidence from medical science that moderate exercise is very good for fitness, health and general wellbeing. The benefits of exercise are very extensive and truly amazing. Therefore, the NHS are strong advocates of leading an active lifestyle. The NHS web-site states: "adults should do some type of physical activity every day. Any type of activity is good for you.." Tai Chi is an exercise activity and thus it will be good for health in common with other exercise activities. Ideally, consideration should be given to cross-training with other moderate exercise of aerobic activity and upper body strength training, such as: brisk walking, jogging, swimming, rowing machine, sit-ups/press-ups, weight training.

Amazing Exercise


The Benefits of Exercise

*Wards off Type 2 Diabetes *Boosts the function and health of the brain and nervous system *Improves bone density *Improves muscular strength *Boosts immune system *Practice outside boosts wellbeing, through being more in touch with nature *Decreases blood pressure *Improves blood circulation *Improves joint function and reduces pain in the case of arthritis and osteoarthritis *Retards ageing of muscles *Has a positive effect on depression and emotional disorders *Improves core strength, protecting the spine *Boosts the production of Endorphins, easing stress and pain *Increases ability to focus in the face of distraction *Blood vessels are wider and more elastic *Improves oxygen delivery to the cells of the body *Raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol

Healthy Lifestyle

As well as exercise, other issues are important for our health, such as diet, smoking(not) sun protection. A healthy diet is just as important as exercise for good health. An ideal diet is known as flexitarian, where most of the diet is fruit and veg. But with only two to three portions of meat per week, to reduce saturated fats (portion size is the size of your own palm). Red meat is important for iron, but also chicken is good (remove the skin to reduce the fat). Also: Reduce saturated fat (the most important) Wholemeal carbs for fibre Increase Omega 3 from oily fish (two to three times per week) also walnuts, Linseed. Mackerel and Salmon are ideal, but watch out on the Tuna, as although it should be ideal, it often has the Omega 3 removed in processing. (Omega 3 calms inflamation in the body). Best oils are Sunflower or Rapeseed oil. A few nuts are great. Reduce "empty" calories; i.e., food that has little or no nutritional value, except for calories such as sugar and alcohol. Take in more calories than you burn and the excess will be stored by the body as fat. Oils, fat, sugar, alcohol, nuts are all high in calories. Smoking is very bad for health. Protect your skin from intense sunlight. (Vitamin D supplement can be a good idea).

The Ch'i in Tai Chi

Tai Chi is associated with the concept of Ch'i, which is often translated as lifeforce energy, that is said to circulate around meridians in the body, and that the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong helps it to circulate freely, protecting against poor health and disease. Modern medical science does not support the idea of such meridians. Nevertheless, we certainly have energy and Tai Chi is definitely good for health and wellbeing because Tai Chi is an exercise activity, and all exercise activity is good for health and wellbeing.


The rest of section 1. You have learned the first 6 movements and now there are another 7 movements to complete the entire section 1.


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